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Barbados Calendar of Events

In the land of music, there is always a celebration, a dance, a fete and a party; whether it’s sailing on a catamaran, partying with friends on the beach, or clubbing at night. With pubs, bars, restaurants and nightclubs all across the island, there is always somewhere to go, mingle and dance or just listen to live music.

St. Lawrence Gap Music And Dance

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The hot spots are spotted around the island. In the south is St. Lawrence Gap. A U shaped street wanders along the coast, past gourmet restaurants, pubs, bars, clubs, hotels, boutiques and places to sit and watch the people as they mingle and meet. It is one of the most lively streets at night in Barbados.

Further south and past the airport is the Crane Beach Hotel. In its village of shops, boutiques, galleries, bars and restaurants you walk through a sort of Disney World; it’s a little like Bourbon Street in New Orleans, with a Gingerbread village that is very Barbadian. Here too is a plush piano bar that offers piano and sax several nights a week. On Sundays you can catch the gospel singers at Sunday breakfast on the verandah overlooking the famous Crane beach.

Moving on around the island you will pass Cutters, a Chattel house just down the road from the Crane that is frequented by many Crane guests for its fun food and fine wine, served all day. They too have musical evenings with bands like “the Stray Cats”, who happened upon each other and play when they feel like it.

Much further on and on the east coast is Round House in Bathsheba, another fun spot to visit for snacks and fresh fish most of the week. On the weekend they have live local entertainment, typically a calypsonian, singing good old traditional Caribbean folk songs with the happy, upbeat sound of soca, interspersed with pop, jazz and a modern beat.

On the west coast, Lexy Piano Bar often features international musicians. Lexy himself, a Broadway star, will often take the mike and blast out a ballad. I particularly like the way he does “the day the music died”. Here to is the new Lime Grove with entertainment and a place to meet and have a drink.

Their is much, much more, of course. Many of the hotels have entertainment and you can pub crawl your way around the island stopping to take in music of all genders and party with the famous guests who visit the island regularly.

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Barbados Carnival Jump Up Party

Barbados Carnival 2012

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Z-Rox Live with Hey Sister at McBrides Stay at YellowBird Hotel to get Free admission to many Clubs in the Gap

The St. Lawrence Gap: An Ocean View At Party Time

St. Lawrence Gap: Fine Dining Party Holidays In Barbados there is always a party for everyone and one of the hottest party spots is St. Lawrence Gap. With its wall-to-wall clubs, restaurants and pubs, the Gap has music almost every night. You will find live bands somewhere in the Gap throughout the week at the night ...
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Spontanious Pan

Trevor Cole (Guyana) and Rodney Small (St. Vincent) at the “re-discover the Caribbean” show by chance and played pan spontaneously, without rehersals and just for the fun of it. For more see our Barbados Page >>>>
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Z-ROX Band, Live at McBrides

Z-ROX guitarist and vocalist JJ Poulter and guitarist Brian Marshall of Kite, Marius Charlamane on bass and Jamal on Drums. See them at McBrides most Thursdays. McBrides pub and nightclub is located in the centre of the St. Lawrence Gap entertainment area. Start time: 10:30 PM For Best Places to Stay See our Featured Hotels in The ...

Hot Moves on the Dance Floor

Z-Rox live at McBrides in the Gap: The Band gets some energetic audience participation! YellowBird Hotel offers Free admission to several nightclubs in the Gap

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Barbados Calendar of Events

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