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In the land of music, there is always a celebration, a dance, a fete and a party; whether it’s sailing on a catamaran, partying with friends on the beach, or clubbing at night. With pubs, bars, restaurants and nightclubs all across the island, there is always somewhere to go, mingle and dance or just listen to live music.

St. Lawrence Gap Music And Dance

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The hot spots are spotted around the island. In the south is St. Lawrence Gap. A U shaped street wanders along the coast, past gourmet restaurants, pubs, bars, clubs, hotels, boutiques and places to sit and watch the people as they mingle and meet. It is one of the most lively streets at night in Barbados.

Further south and past the airport is the Crane Beach Hotel. In its village of shops, boutiques, galleries, bars and restaurants you walk through a sort of Disney World; it’s a little like Bourbon Street in New Orleans, with a Gingerbread village that is very Barbadian. Here too is a plush piano bar that offers piano and sax several nights a week. On Sundays you can catch the gospel singers at Sunday breakfast on the verandah overlooking the famous Crane beach.

Moving on around the island you will pass Cutters, a Chattel house just down the road from the Crane that is frequented by many Crane guests for its fun food and fine wine, served all day. They too have musical evenings with bands like “the Stray Cats”, who happened upon each other and play when they feel like it.

Much further on and on the east coast is Round House in Bathsheba, another fun spot to visit for snacks and fresh fish most of the week. On the weekend they have live local entertainment, typically a calypsonian, singing good old traditional Caribbean folk songs with the happy, upbeat sound of soca, interspersed with pop, jazz and a modern beat.

On the west coast, Lexy Piano Bar often features international musicians. Lexy himself, a Broadway star, will often take the mike and blast out a ballad. I particularly like the way he does “the day the music died”. Here to is the new Lime Grove with entertainment and a place to meet and have a drink.

Their is much, much more, of course. Many of the hotels have entertainment and you can pub crawl your way around the island stopping to take in music of all genders and party with the famous guests who visit the island regularly.

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Vujaday 2019 A Bigger Better Party & Music Safari

Its back, bigger and better _ Don’t miss Vujaday 2019 The line-up for Vujaday Music Festival 2019 Barbados, is even more  spectacular than it was in 2018. 2019 adds more intrigue with new DJs, new locations and, for the first time, parties in the day. The very first Vujaday event was launched in Barbados in 2018. It ...

Barbados Carnival Kadooment Video #1

The first band filmed was Blue Box. For info on Barbados Carnival, Crop-over, Jouve, Kadooment & Videos Click here >>>
Barbados Carnival Jump Up Party

Barbados Carnival 2012

Videos Kadooment Parade Blue Box Band Video #1 The Bands all dressed up in their spectacular costumes parade down the street swaying to their tune, dancing and carrying on. Video #1 (image at right), is the first band we filmed (blue box), its actually number two in the parade that started with a dozen bands. Barbados ...

Z-Rox Live with Hey Sister at McBrides Stay at YellowBird Hotel to get Free admission to many Clubs in the Gap

The St. Lawrence Gap: An Ocean View At Party Time

St. Lawrence Gap: Fine Dining Party Holidays In Barbados there is always a party for everyone and one of the hottest party spots is St. Lawrence Gap. With its wall-to-wall clubs, restaurants and pubs, the Gap has music almost every night. You will find live bands somewhere in the Gap throughout the week at the night ...
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Car Rentals Tips

Things to Know When Renting a Car on Your Holidays See our Car Page for all info >>> Here are some extracts of Party Destinations recent interview with Johnathan Gittens of Direct Car Rentals in Barbados. This is the first in a series where we asked what sorts of things a traveler should know about renting ...

Spontanious Pan

Trevor Cole (Guyana) and Rodney Small (St. Vincent) at the “re-discover the Caribbean” show by chance and played pan spontaneously, without rehersals and just for the fun of it. For more see our Barbados Page >>>>
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Tiami Catamaran Cruises; Dine, Dance, Sail to the Turtles

See our Page for all details of  Caribbean Catamaran Cruising >>> Sail, Snorkel, Dine, Dance and Swim with the Turtles. In this video we sail up the west coast of Barbados to swim with the turtles, and party aboard the Tiami Catamaran. The adventure begins when the air-conditioned bus picks you up at your hotel and you drive ...

Z-ROX Band, Live at McBrides

Z-ROX guitarist and vocalist JJ Poulter and guitarist Brian Marshall of Kite, Marius Charlamane on bass and Jamal on Drums. See them at McBrides most Thursdays. McBrides pub and nightclub is located in the centre of the St. Lawrence Gap entertainment area. Start time: 10:30 PM For Best Places to Stay See our Featured Hotels in The ...

Hot Moves on the Dance Floor

Z-Rox live at McBrides in the Gap: The Band gets some energetic audience participation! YellowBird Hotel offers Free admission to several nightclubs in the Gap

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Its back, bigger and better _ Don't miss Vujaday 2019

The line-up for Vujaday Music Festival 2019 Barbados, is even more  spectacular than it was in 2018. 2019 adds more intrigue with new DJs, new locations and, for the first time, parties in the day. The very first Vujaday event was launched in Barbados in 2018. It surpassed all hopes and was a remarkable hit with locals and visitors as well as the artists themselves.  See Party Destinations 2018 Music Safari

Latest News

The final line up is now revealed - 7 more artists are added the previous phase 1 line-up. The phase 2 line up includes a new souldful set of mindful artist like Damian Lazarus who is as they say, biblical by name and nature. Well spiritual definitely, not so certain about the bible influence. Check out the samples of their music below

Vujaday Music Festival Barbados - Setting the Stage for Destination Music Events

- Vujaday live action day 3 - review video   See Video Samples and Reviews in our Videos The event was the first of its kind in the world.  It was such a great success that they will be back again next year. We can't wait. Here is a sample video of just two acts on the final day/night party. The full agenda is on our video page - - The total DJs host for the night was 8, that 8 Gigs as each host has his team.  All nights were jam packed with non stop techno and house DJ music into the early hours of the mooning. The event was massive with over 50 DJs and their entourage moving to the beat for 6 days straight.  See our video page for details of who was playing when- Also see video reviews and excerpt of each day  >>>>   Visiting Barbados on a Caribbean cruise? Here are the best party beaches within walking distance of the cruise port. Pirate's Cove Stroll along the outskirts of the capital city Bridgetown, along the waterfront and over the bridge. There you'll find Pirate's Cove with its brightly painted signs leading you down to the beach. Spend the day chilling out on the beach, drinking cocktails and the local brew, or enjoying water sports. A selection of restaurants keep you fortified throughout the day. The Boatyard A little further south of Pirate's Cove is The Boatyard. Here you can enjoy lots of water sports including a sea trampoline, rope swinging, and jetskiing. The drinks are free flowing and the food is on-point. Soak up the Caribbean sun from a lounger or settle under the shade of your beach umbrella enjoying the cooling tropical breezes. Carlisle Bay Continue a little further south to the heart of Carlisle Bay, a gem of a beach with several sunken shipwrecks just offshore. Snorkel over the wrecks to see colourful fish and seahorses, and swim with friendly sea turtles. You can arrange a glass bottom boat ride ahead of time through Viator. Carlisle Bay is also a great spot for kayaking and stand up paddle boarding - book your gear with PaddleBarbados. You can also rent beach chairs, umbrellas, and use of a locker at the Harbour Lights club. If you're over-nighting in Barbados on Wednesday or Friday nights during your cruise be sure to visit this hopping nightclub - drinks-free, local DJs and two dancefloors! Looking for the best place to party in Barbados? We highly recommend the Beach Extravaganza and Dinner Show at Harbour Lights nightclub! Held on Monday and Wednesday nights it's an incredible evening with authentic Caribbean music, an enthralling show, BBQ dinner, and free flowing drinks! You'll love the talented stilt walkers towering over the crowd, exciting fire eater, and unbelievably flexible limbo dancers! All held in a beautiful beachfront location. Stay after the show for a full evening of dancing, drinking and partying. Tip: head back to the club on Friday nights for drinks-free partying!

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Imagine sailing the tranquil waters of the Caribbean Sea while watching a stunning tropical sunset! The fun begins in the afternoon as you dive into crystal clear waters to snorkel over a shipwreck with beautiful tropical fish. Then there's a short sail to another snorkeling site to swim with friendly sea turtles. Then watch the sun dip into the ocean, while nibbling on tasty canapés and sipping wine. Read more about this incredible Barbados Sunset and Snorkeling Catamaran Cruise underwater-663407_1280As Friday night approaches, the thoughts of both locals and visitors in Barbados turns to the Oistins Fish Fry, a fun evening of fantastic food, Caribbean and country music, and of course free-flowing Barbados beer! On arrival you'll be greeted by friendly faces of the fish shack owners, each trying to entice you with their tempting menu. Located right next door to the fish market and jetty, Oistins is never short on fresh fish. Although it's traditionally called a "fish fry", many vendors offer the healthier option of grilled fish. Typical fish on the menu are marlin, kingfish, mahi mahi, billfish, swordfish and occasionally tuna. Many shops also offer chicken and shrimp. The accompaniments include local favourites such as macaroni & cheese (known as macaroni pie), sweet potatoes, grilled potatoes and coleslaw. Caribbean music (calypso, soca and reggae) fill the air along with, would you believe it, country music! Impromptu dancing takes places on and around the stage for those looking to join in the fun! Still in a party mood? Take the short drive to St.Lawrence Gap, the entertainment hub of Barbados, where you'll find the hottest island clubs and bars. We highly recommend the Oistin's Fish Fry and St Lawrence Gap Tour, which offers hotel pick-up, reserved seating, dinner at Oistins and partying in St Lawrence Gap, all accompanied by a local guide. To prove the point that sailing on Tiami Catamaran Cruises is really a family affair, Tiami is now offering a special where children sailing with an adult are FREE .  Some conditions apply and the offer may not be available forever, so check their website. Children love this cruise and swimming with the turtles is a big delight for all ages, but especially kids. See more on this fun day cruise on the Tiami Barbados Catamaran. Sail along the island coast to swim with the turtles, snorkel on the reefs and shipwrecks and enjoy a delicious meal on board the Tiami. See more at   Meet Geeta Chatrani owner of the Baywatch group, as she gives you a 4 minuet overview of the Yellow Bird Hotel in the St. Lawrence Gap. YellowBird apartment style hotel  is one of the most popular Barbados hotels in the Gap.   The Video takes you inside the trendy  boutique hotel and lets you visit the hot and hopping clubs in the gap. We go inside MacBrides nightclub and bar to see X-Rox playing live to a full house and we also mingle on the street of the famous seaside village of the S. Lawrence Gap in Barbados.  more >>> Jonathan Gittens gives us the low down on what kind of insurance he thinks you need when renting a car for a holiday trip or long term vacation overseas. Third-Party liability and collision coverage are a must have to avoid grief in case you have an accident; even if it's not your fault. His company,, recently dropped a line of cars because of safety concerns and his advice is well worth heeding. More Tips on holiday car rentals  - Click Here For more on Direct Car Rentals go to Direct Car Rentals is a car hire company in Barbados. Their advice is useful all over the world. This is the second in the series of Holiday Car Hire tips. New video #4 of Kadooment Barbados Carnival Street Party at Crop Over For complete information on Barbados Crop-over, Jouve, Kadooment & Carnival Videos Click here >>> [caption id="attachment_1622" align="alignleft" width="300"]Girls Enjoyinmg the Carnival Moves Girls Enjoying Carnival Vibes & Moves[/caption]   The third in a series on Barbados carnival 2012 final parade. The Big-to-do, Kadooment.   For more information see Main Carnival and Kadooment Page Carnival Main page >>> The first band filmed was Blue Box. For info on Barbados Carnival, Crop-over, Jouve, Kadooment & Videos Click here >>>[catlist id=118 template=content] Videos


[caption id="attachment_1619" align="alignleft" width="357"]Barbados carnival kadooment Barbados Band blue box carnival kadooment[/caption] Parade Blue Box Band Video #1 The Bands all dressed up in their spectacular costumes parade down the street swaying to their tune, dancing and carrying on. Video #1 (image at right), is the first band we filmed (blue box), its actually number two in the parade that started with a dozen bands. Barbados Carnival is an August Holiday Party and for the whole month the islands is partying. The night clubs stage parties and dancing is everywhere. All the while the competition for the best band, the best tune and the best costumes are winding down. The Grande finale of Carnival in Barbados is Kadooment or the big-to-do. This is the Grand parade of bands and their supporters all in fancy dress marching to their beat on the street.


[catlist id=118 template=content] Videos You will also hear the word J'ouvert or Jouve associated with carnival, This is derived from the French jour ouvert, or dawn/day break. In Barbados it is called Foreday. Jouves are night-time street party and one of the many Crop Over Events for the season> Jouve (foreday) is a precursor to the Grand Kadooment parade. Revelers cover themselves in paint and mud parading in the early foreday morning. Lots of music food & drinks are available for the march. Foreday 2012 is on Saturday August 6th just two days before the Grand Final Kadooment Parade on Monday August 8th.

Crop Over

[catlist id=118 template=content] Videos [caption id="attachment_1625" align="alignleft" width="258"]Carnival Smiles Carnival Smiles[/caption] Crop over is an entire season over several months. It starts in April and ends in August. Through that time costumes are made, calypso are created, bands practice their new songs and enter into a long list of performances and competitions. All nightclubs in Barbados get into the act and there are endless parties, live show and dance. Barbados born International singing star, Rihanna was here for Crop-Over Carnival last year and was not at all shy about joining the very raunchy bumps and grinds, which are sometimes not at all elegant. Skin and suggestion are on parade at Carnival which is a time to celebrate and let it all go. Caribbean people love to let go and be sexy. The big event, the grand parade in August (Kadooment), is a hot tourist attraction and a time to let your hair down and let it rip in Barbados. Everything goes almost. But I noted that in 2012 the army stood by at the end of the spring garden parade street with automatics in hand. They were smart and discreet behind the wire fence, dressed in combat camouflage, but the reserves were watching the girls who taunted them with provocative moves and taunting smiles. Even after the parade the party continues with celebrations, live events and parties. More on Barbados >> click here [catlist id=118 template=content] Videos

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