Yellow Bird Hotel Video

  Meet Geeta Chatrani owner of the Baywatch group, as she gives you a 4 minuet overview of the Yellow Bird Hotel in the St. Lawrence Gap. YellowBird apartment style hotel  is one of the most popular Barbados hotels in the Gap.   The Video takes you inside the trendy  boutique hotel and lets you visit the hot ...
Girls Enjoyinmg the Carnival Moves

Barbados Carnival Kadooment Video #4

New video #4 of Kadooment Barbados Carnival Street Party at Crop Over For complete information on Barbados Crop-over, Jouve, Kadooment & Carnival Videos Click here >>>

Barbados Carnival Kadooment Video #3

  The third in a series on Barbados carnival 2012 final parade. The Big-to-do, Kadooment.   For more information see

Barbados Carnival Kadooment Video #2

Main Carnival and Kadooment Page Carnival Main page >>>

Barbados Carnival Kadooment Video #1

The first band filmed was Blue Box. For info on Barbados Carnival, Crop-over, Jouve, Kadooment & Videos Click here >>>
Barbados Carnival Jump Up Party

Barbados Carnival 2012

Videos Kadooment Parade Blue Box Band Video #1 The Bands all dressed up in their spectacular costumes parade down the street swaying to their tune, dancing and carrying on. Video #1 (image at right), is the first band we filmed (blue box), its actually number two in the parade that started with a dozen bands. Barbados ...

Z-Rox Live with Hey Sister at McBrides Stay at YellowBird Hotel to get Free admission to many Clubs in the Gap

The St. Lawrence Gap: An Ocean View At Party Time

St. Lawrence Gap: Fine Dining Party Holidays In Barbados there is always a party for everyone and one of the hottest party spots is St. Lawrence Gap. With its wall-to-wall clubs, restaurants and pubs, the Gap has music almost every night. You will find live bands somewhere in the Gap throughout the week at the night ...
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Car Rentals Tips

Things to Know When Renting a Car on Your Holidays See our Car Page for all info >>> Here are some extracts of Party Destinations recent interview with Johnathan Gittens of Direct Car Rentals in Barbados. This is the first in a series where we asked what sorts of things a traveler should know about renting ...

PatPong, Bankok

Bangkok, Thailand: A Business Trip To Party Land Featured Party Holiday Destination: >>> Barbados (c) Ian R Clayton No party discussion can be complete without mentioning something about Bangkok and Thailand. I stumbled into Patpong, a notorious den of sin in Bangkok, as a naive businessman on a jaunt to develop business ties in the Orient. My team was ...
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Tiami Catamaran Cruises; Dine, Dance, Sail to the Turtles

See our Page for all details of  Caribbean Catamaran Cruising >>> Sail, Snorkel, Dine, Dance and Swim with the Turtles. In this video we sail up the west coast of Barbados to swim with the turtles, and party aboard the Tiami Catamaran. The adventure begins when the air-conditioned bus picks you up at your hotel and you drive ...

Z-ROX Band, Live at McBrides

Z-ROX guitarist and vocalist JJ Poulter and guitarist Brian Marshall of Kite, Marius Charlamane on bass and Jamal on Drums. See them at McBrides most Thursdays. McBrides pub and nightclub is located in the centre of the St. Lawrence Gap entertainment area. Start time: 10:30 PM For Best Places to Stay See our Featured Hotels in The ...

The Barbados Music Scene

See more on our Barbados Page >>   Barbados is the home of Rihanna, Alison Hinds, Arturo Tappin, Krosfyah, Shontelle, Vita Chambers, the MerryMen and the legendary Jackie Opel, who created the Barbados Spouge sound. Music here is a way of life, from reggae to pop and of course calypso and the rhythm of the Caribbean, where ...

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