Barbados Bands

Girls Enjoyinmg the Carnival Moves

Barbados Carnival Kadooment Video #4

New video #4 of Kadooment Barbados Carnival Street Party at Crop Over For complete information on Barbados Crop-over, Jouve, Kadooment & Carnival Videos Click here >>>

Barbados Carnival Kadooment Video #3

  The third in a series on Barbados carnival 2012 final parade. The Big-to-do, Kadooment.   For more information see

Barbados Carnival Kadooment Video #2

Main Carnival and Kadooment Page Carnival Main page >>>

Barbados Carnival Kadooment Video #1

The first band filmed was Blue Box. For info on Barbados Carnival, Crop-over, Jouve, Kadooment & Videos Click here >>>
Barbados Carnival Jump Up Party

Barbados Carnival 2012

Videos Kadooment Parade Blue Box Band Video #1 The Bands all dressed up in their spectacular costumes parade down the street swaying to their tune, dancing and carrying on. Video #1 (image at right), is the first band we filmed (blue box), its actually number two in the parade that started with a dozen bands. Barbados ...

Spontanious Pan

Trevor Cole (Guyana) and Rodney Small (St. Vincent) at the “re-discover the Caribbean” show by chance and played pan spontaneously, without rehersals and just for the fun of it. For more see our Barbados Page >>>>

Krosfyah’s Song Pump

Krosfyah Pump Me Up The team players of Krosfyah are as follows: Edwin Yearwood: lead vocalist/songwriter Anthony Bailey: guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Khiomal Nurse: vocalist/songwriter Mario Burnett: bassist Neil Burnett: drummer Antonio Rudder: keyboardist Corey Jordan: keyboardist For More on Barbados Click Here >>>

Z-ROX Band, Live at McBrides

Z-ROX guitarist and vocalist JJ Poulter and guitarist Brian Marshall of Kite, Marius Charlamane on bass and Jamal on Drums. See them at McBrides most Thursdays. McBrides pub and nightclub is located in the centre of the St. Lawrence Gap entertainment area. Start time: 10:30 PM For Best Places to Stay See our Featured Hotels in The ...

Spice Congaline

Spice’s song “Congaline” was used in the Disney animated feature, “The Little Mermaid II”.   More About Barbados Click Here >>>>

Hot Moves on the Dance Floor

Z-Rox live at McBrides in the Gap: The Band gets some energetic audience participation! YellowBird Hotel offers Free admission to several nightclubs in the Gap

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