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Barbados Catamaran Cruises

To prove the point that sailing on Tiami Catamaran Cruises is really a family affair, Tiami is now offering a special where children sailing with an adult are FREE .  Some conditions apply and the offer may not be available forever, so check their website. Children love this cruise and swimming with the turtles is a big delight for ...
kissing turtles

Love & Life of the Green Sea Turtle

Swimming with the Turtles in Barbados – Kissing Turtles Tiami Catamaran Cruises Barbados Endangered Species The Green Sea Turtles hang out along the reefs off the west coast of Barbados. Not long ago they were considered a delicacy and harvested as food by local fishermen. Today all turtles in Barbados are protected. It is illegal to catch ...
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Car Rentals Tips

Things to Know When Renting a Car on Your Holidays See our Car Page for all info >>> Here are some extracts of Party Destinations recent interview with Johnathan Gittens of Direct Car Rentals in Barbados. This is the first in a series where we asked what sorts of things a traveler should know about renting ...

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