About Us

Locals know best and local knowledge does make a world of difference when traveling. It is especially helpful when you are on location and want to chat with someone who knows the best places for you personally. It’s at times like these that you will really appreciate dealing with a host who cares and one who really knows the destination and can make a personalized recommendation that will make all the difference to your holiday.

We provide an alternative holiday experience with grassroots-level tours and direct bookings with leading accommodation providers who are the hosts of your vacation and adventures in the destination of your choice.

Most of our featured hotels and destination tour companies will create customized party holidays and vacation packages to fit any occasion and holiday venue. Nightclubs, bars and restaurants too do cooperate with the holiday resorts to offer special favours and privileges to Party Holiday guests.
The accommodation, specials and packages are suitable for singles, couples, groups and business travelers who want to stay in historic heritage hotels, rugged beach cottages, hideaways or luxury villas while taking time to see the destinations. To be exposed to different cultures, enjoy music, dancing, live entertainment, fine dining and to be enriched by the experience.

How we operate

We are not a tour operator and we do not book hotels for you. However we do help with questions and suggestions and we do put you in contact with the hotels we select. You deal directly with the hotels, package providers and party places that are your hosts.

We work with the hotel owners and operators in the destination who will coordinate with you directly. In some cases, hotels and travel companies use our booking engine and travel technology.

Only the properties we select are featured in Party-Destinations.com and in our party holiday blogs and fun-times newsletter. We select hotels and destinations based on merit and a commitment to the arts and entertainment. They are all hand picked for by our own team of travel journalists.

What we Believe

We believe that travel is a profound way to share and we know that travel can change lives.

We hope that you enjoy our suggestions, try them for yourself and learn the love that travel can inspire.