Special MultiMedia Video Promo

1 Year Exposure: Video, Advertising, Travel Promotion,
High Impact Press Release, Build Backlinks & Social Authority

  • 1. a short advertorial on party – Duration 1 year
  • 2. list linking to your website directly
  • 3. a short SIE* video on your offer
  • 4. a SIE* blog with your video embedded in it
  • links directly to your website. Creates Search Engine Authority and direct leads
  • 5. a SIE* promo that will post your video to our social media index network
  • 6. a secondary SIE promo that will post your blog to the network
  • 7. a SIE* Press Release (PR)- typically our PRESS RELEASES are read by several thousand users and picked up by top media broadcasters

    modules: blog, video, press service, network publishing, advertising

* SIE is our proprietary SocialIndexEngine Brand Marketing Systems – >>>
*PR is Multimedia optimized with Photos and SIE Video.

Exclusive Opportunity

Only 5 Accepted in A Market

$1,500 US

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Limited Availability

Only a limited number of hotels, restaurants, car rentals, dive companies, sailing and tour operators are accepted and promoted in any one party location. We do this to provide high value to our travel suppliers and advertisers and to keep it simple for travelers

AXSES’ latest tourism marketing initiative is the World marketing Site for the fun party crowd; This first edition features the St. Lawrence Gap and the hotels that have subscribed to AXSES SocialIndexEngine Brand Marketing. AXSES encourages all of those in the car rental, restaurant and accommodation business to participate in this program. It is probably the best value for money you will see anywhere if you are interested in targeting the party-time travelers and fun holiday crowd.

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