Halifax Gourmet Local Tastings


A short video on Emily Forrest as she awaits her clients at the Halifax Seaport Market. I just happened to pass her on my way back from visiting the market and taking photos of “Wrap so D” preparing his breakfast wraps while he sings his favorite songs.

It was a busy day with a cruise ship in the harbor. There were many people milling about. Emily was off to do the rounds at Uncommon Grounds, Chives and other well known and loved Halifax restaurants. The walking tour is a stop and taste affair and Emily carefully selects restaurants with top chefs and great food. The chefs prepare bite size samples for the guests; it’s a meal by the end of the tour.


Aurora Cruise Ship with Theodore Tugboat at Halifax Seaport

More to come on the market, ‘Wrap so D’ and Halifax waterfront soon.

Theodore Tugboat has retired from his own TV show, and now cruises the harbor to take families and persons of all ages out for a tug on the water. You can still see reruns of the Theodore Tugboat TV show.

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