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Car Rental Tips  | Taxi | Public TransportTransport by  Country |

Car Rentals Tips

Car Rental Tips  | Taxi | Public TransportTransport by  Country |

Renting a car is the most popular and convenient way to explore your destination. But remember, if you are out late and partying with a few drinks, leave the car behind and use a Taxi. If you are with a group, do use the designated driver routine. Laws on drinking and driving vary by country and most countries are imposing high penalties for driving under the influence.

Ask your rental company how old the cars are.  Some companies  recycle the cars every 4 years, some will keep a car for longer. A newer car is generally more reliable but it also depends on what cars they use and who uses them; where they drive and how they drive.

Be sure you have good insurance coverage. Limit your deductible without having to pay a huge premium.


Get The Right Insurance Coverage

Jonathan Gittens of Direct Car Rentals says:  “ When you have a vehicle, you must be sure that that if you’re involved in a serious accident, you are not going to be liable.  You must be covered by insurance.  But check with your credit card company as that may cover you.

Again, at any Rental Car Company there may be a small deductible for collision and damage to the car. That is reasonable. But if you have an accident where there is personal injury involved, it is very important to know that you’re insured for liability. That’s what really matters and you never know when an accident can happen and how much you can be liable for.  That’s why we at Direct Car Rentals cover 3rd Party Liability Extensively”

Choose the Right Car for your Holiday Plans

Be sure you get the right car for the job.  Here is what Jonathan Gittens of Direct Car Rentals has to say on choosing a car.

“The Toyota Yaris is probably our most popular car but many love the  little Kia Picantos, a fantastic small car and great for your budget. For people carriers we recommend the Suzuki APV Vans.  They are great for families or groups and they are very popular.  Surfers like them as they can hold their surf boards; particularly the long boards can fit on the roofs.

In the jeep line we like the little Jimny Jeeps.  They’re fantastic for couples. They are four seaters, but being a two-door vehicle, it’s nice for two people. They’re perfect for touring around the island and getting on the East Coast and some of the more secluded bays and so on.

Then there are the larger jeeps and SUVs. The Terios, the Tucson, the Grand Vitara, The Toyota RAV4, which is our executive line and very popular.”

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Know Where To Go and Not To Go
Get a good map and ask your rental car company to advise you on places to go, and importantly, places that you should not go. Your car rental company will help you. If you are going to Barbados, here is a bit of advice from DCR.

Party-Destinations Asks:  Do people need a 4×4 in Barbados?

DCR: “People like to use the  Jeeps to go up to the Harry Smith Beach, a few of the beaches around Bottom Bay, a few of the beaches around the southeast corner of the island and on the East Coast. But in Barbados, you cannot drive a four by four, or any vehicle on the beach. It is not legal. You have to remain on the road and so on. So, it’s not absolutely necessary to have a 4×4.  People like the ride of the jeep and the little high ride and so on”. “It’s a fun holiday car and very popular, especially with families who might go on a party picnic.”

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Car Rental Tips  | Taxi | Public TransportTransport by  Country |

Taxis are a great way to get to a specific place and get home from  a club. I personally prefer to rent my own car to explore a new place. I like to have impromptu stops, and some times just sit and stare at the landscape or people watch. I don’t like to have to entertain a taxi driver or be entertained by one. So for me, taxis are not the way to explore.  But that’s just me. Some people think that taxis are a great way to do a tour of your destination. It of course depends on who your driver is and how well they know the land. If you don’t care for driving at all, then a taxi service is great. Let them know you will be on location for a while and negotiate the best rate.

Public transport

Car Rental Tips  | Taxi | Public Transport | Transport by  Country |

Buses and trains vary tremendously from place to place.  In the Caribbean buses are very local, which is great fun.  Caribbean personalities are outgoing and spontaneous and they will often engage you in conversation.  Some have been known to  bring livestock with them. I have heard of one person who sat  beside a lady with a fowl, who apparently was very well behaved on his way to the market.

Public transport music can be decidedly not to your taste. In Morocco the music blared so loudly I had to stuff wool in my ears.  But it was fun and I enjoyed the sounds filtered by the wool, and the lovely smiling faces who were amused and sympathetic at my discomfort.

Transport by Country

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Car Rental Tips  | Taxi | Public TransportTransport by  Country |

Barbados Car Rentals

In Barbados you drive on the Left side of the street.
Cars rented in Barbados will have the driver seated on the right of the car.

A Barbados driving permit is required

The Licensing authority (Oistins, The Pine, and Speightstown) will
sell the permits. The police stations don’t anymore.

Reputable car rentals companies also provide.

But make sure before you book a car that they will get you the license as some  cannot or will not provide this service.

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Car Rental Tips  | Taxi | Public Transport | Transport by  Country |