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This page, party hotels, will list featured hotel as we add them. Currently featuring the St. Lawrence gap in Barbados and the BayWatch resort Group.

Yellow Bird Hotel

Yellow Bird Hotel Video

Yellow Bird Hotel Video

  Meet Geeta Chatrani owner of the Baywatch group, as she gives you a 4 minuet overview of the Yellow Bird Hotel in the St. Lawrence Gap. YellowBird apartment style hotel  is one of the most popular Barbados hotels in the Gap.   The Video takes you inside the trendy  boutique hotel and lets you visit the hot ...

Yellow Bird is located  in St. Lawrence Gap Barbados, has amazing ocean views and is conveniently located near popular restaurants and nightlife. Close your eyes and imagine a stunning Caribbean sunset, the endless sky ablaze in magnificent shades of amber, the end of yet another picture-perfect day in paradise…..just a dream you say? Well, luckily for you, dreams do come true, welcome to The Baywatch Hotels; Yellow Bird and South Gap:

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South Gap Hotel

South Gap Hotel, St Lawrence Gap

South Gap Hotel, St Lawrence Gap

Located in St.Lawrence Gap on the south coast. This oceanfront Barbados hotel is relaxed and informal. Relax on the beach or party with a FREE pass to the nearby nightclubs! See you here at South gap:

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Map of the gap fine dining and accommodation:

Barbados the Gap nightclubs and accommodation

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