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sails hoisted on the party catamaran -Photo (C) 2012

sails hoisted and ready to run with the wind whooshing through the canvas

There is something utterly relaxing and at the same time truly energizing about sailing.

It might be the wind in the sails and the surge of energy you feel with each gust.

It might be the lapping of waves on the boat’s hull or her movement through the water just under your feet.

It might be the hypnotic sound of winches and rigging, the whoosh of the air in the canvas, the wind in your hair and the fresh sea breeze on your face.

It might be the quiet you feel as the wind blows sound away. You float on a vast sea, under an endless sky, and you realize you are a tiny speck in the universe with nothing in your way.

Sailing is beautiful!

catamarans flat bottom boats are ideal for coastal cruising

The main cabin area of a catamaran sits on two pontoons making it wide and stable

Now imagine this setting for  a party.

Let’s call it a celebration. You are going to dance on the surface on the ocean, on a catamaran:  A flat bottom sailboat that sits on two pontoons that suspend the deck and your dance and dinning area.

Catamarans are the perfect solution for a party boat.

First, It is a far more stable sail than a deep single hull boat that slices the water at a steep angle in a strong cross wind, making it hard to stand and impossible to dance.

Many are now purpose built for coastal cruises, gourmet dinning and fun sails, with music and dancing.

Even under full sail, party goers can jump and jive to the music while the boat moves fast across the ocean, the water rushing just under your feet.

The Caribbean is famous for its party boats, from the first Jolly Roger Pirate Boat in Barbados to modern day Catamaran Sailboats which sail between the Islands and run daily tours for tourists

Music and dancing on the tiami catemarange -Photo (C) 2012

Guest and crew join the dance and enjoy the music

along the coast by day and by night. Moonlight cruises with soft jazz and champagne are arranged on special full moon occasions, and most islands have daily sunset cruises and lunch excursions.

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Sailing | Party Boats | Why Cats | Tiami Catamaran Cruises

Photo (C) 2012