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Holiday Cruising: Sail, Dine, Dance & Party in Style

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Party holidays come in all forms, from exotic nightclubs to dancing on a party catamaran sailing boat, tripping along a Caribbean coast. They cater to all ages, from teen parties to the young at heart, and in all types of destinations, from Asia to Europe and everywhere between.

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Featured Party Holiday Event: Dine,Dance,Sail

Check out Party Sailing and the Tiami Catamaran Cruises, that take you to swim with the turtles and sway to the beat on the broad deck of a specially built catamaran under sail.


Stay tuned for our next video on the Green Turtle, coming soon. It’s a catamaran cruise along the gold coast of Barbados where you snorkel, swim with the turtles, dine and dance with the fun group who enjoy sailing and being on the ocean.

There is no better place for party holidays.


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World’s Best Party Destinations

Featured Top Fun and Exotic Vacation Destinations from Around the World

The Caribbean | Ibiza | Mykonos | Berlin | New Orleans

Whether you are celebrating a bachelor party, you are in dire need of a girlfriend getaway or you just want to live like the glamorous glitterati for a few days, catch a plane to one of these five spectacular party destinations for the trip of a lifetime.

Caribbean Party Holidays

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Caribbean Vacation Packages and Specials

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Ibiza, Spain Nightlife

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Night clubs of the world best party holiday places
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Late summer is the best time to visit this Balearic Island in Spain, although the party capital of the world never truly has any down time. >>>







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Greece Night Clubs and Party Hotels

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Backed by a 50-year tradition of hosting European holidaymakers, the island of Mykonos bustles with vibrant nightlife energy. >>>>

>>> Naxos Sports & Nightlife and other Exotic Places


Germany: Berlin After Hours


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In a country where the legal drinking age begins at 14 and the closing hours for bars are unregulated, Germany has cultivated a well-deserved reputation as one of the hippest European party destinations. >>>>



New Orleans Mardi Gras, United States

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While Las Vegas may offer tastes of Rome, Paris and Egypt wrapped in one city, but the Big Easy is still the queen of merrymaking in the United States. >>>>


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Asia | Canada | Caribbean | Barbados | Ibiza Spain | Mykonos Greece | Berlin Germany | New Orleans USA | South America | Featured Operators: Hotels | Cars | Party Sailing Cruises