The Barbados Music Scene

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Barbados is the home of Rihanna, Alison Hinds, Arturo Tappin, Krosfyah, Shontelle, Vita Chambers, the MerryMen and the legendary Jackie Opel, who created the Barbados Spouge sound. Music here is a way of life, from reggae to pop and of course calypso and the rhythm of the Caribbean, where even the tree frogs sing with along the crickets as the tropical night takes over from a sunny day.

The night is for music, love and joy, where creatures, waves and wind strike their own cord. Come with us while we take you to the land of music.

Imagine dining by the ocean, gentle waves lap by your table on the edge of a moon filled sea, sparkling its delight: The soft chatter of diners blends with the music of the occasion. The cuisine tinged with a Caribbean flair, the cool night air and warm ambiance lulls you into a carefree happy mood of anticipating.

The night unfolds with the rhythm of Barbados with music considered tops in the Caribbean and its stars like Rihanna amongst the best in the world. Barbados has its own blend of pop, rock, reggae, calypso and jazz. Even Trinidadians, the biggest party people in the Caribbean, come to Barbados for the night life.

Barbadian Calypsonians have topped the Caribbean Music charts for years, with great tunes like “Soca Junkie”, by Mr. Dale, a fun story of a man addicted to Soca, who can’t get rid of his permanent need to dance and grove.

Rock Stars, the rich and famous have  holidayed here at Sandy Lane, considered one of the top luxury hotels in the world.

Every year Barbados stages a Jazz Festival with hot jazz featured in cool places across the island. The epic event is an open-air all-day picnic of jazz and Champagne at Farley Hill, the site of the film “Island in the Sun”, now a ruin which makes an authentic historic backdrop for the jazz stage with musicians from all over the world.

And if you care for opera, Barbados has the Holders Festival with gala opera and international stars. Even the great Pavarotti was on Holders Hill singing to a crowd on thousands sitting on blankets in the polo field, with their picnic baskets and chilled wine.

The Caribbean is the right place for a party; come put some music in your soul. See your step liven in the sunshine and move with the rhythm of the tropics in your mind.

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